Nighttime bathroom trips

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Nighttime bathroom trips

Im getting spoiled...almost a whole week with ZERO bathroom trips at night! I have been sleeping so good too! I could really get used to this! Haha! Unfortunately, I know it's all short-lived so I'm just gonna enjoy it while it lasts.

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Lol!! I usually get up once to go at night for now.

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yeah, i'm getting up 1-2 times per night to pee and then i am usually too hungry to go back to sleep without raiding the fridge first! and just this week i started the tossing-and-turning every hour or so due to hip pain, and that will only get worse as i get bigger. sigh. definitely enjoy the good nights of sleeping while you can! Smile

i do take an hour nap almost every day, so i really can't complain...

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So, I guess things only go downhill from here? I toss and turn from side to side all night, but not because my hips hurt, more like my ribs. I get up to pee a few times a night and I generally need a snack as well. I've slept through the night only a couple of times in the last month.

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Erin should I smack you now or later?? lol j/k! My baby is teething and SO irritable in the night. My sleep has been so not good lately! Sad

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Haha Jen!! LOL!! There are some benefits to having my kids so far apart...I really can't remember the last time I got woken up in the middle of the night. So go ahead and smack me now! LOL! But, I am in for a seriously rude awakening when we bring this baby home and you'll probably think having a newborn is no big deal!

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I've noticed that I've been able to sleep through the night for the last few weeks myself! I hope that this post doesn't Jinx that!!!

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I wish...I pee once or twice a night, and I have that same rib pain that makes me toss and turn every hour or so. I can't wait to be able to sleep on my stomach again! Also, when hubby when hubby gets up at 4:30 for work, half the time I can't get back to sleep when I always used to be able to. It's like when I wake up then, my brain clicks on and won't go back off! I normally don't have to get up until 3 hours later.

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Usually between 530 and 630 I get up to go to the bathroom. Which is MUCH better than the 5-7 times during the first trimester. But if it's not going to the bathroom that's getting me up it's the dreams...

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I'm with you Jenn! Sometimes the waking up can be a relief from the crazy psycho dreams!