Is it O?

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Is it O?

I think I posted this on another thread but last night was my third OPK POAS and I got this:
Sorry about the pic quality, I took it on my phone.
6-8 OPK
I read it as, yahoo, I am getting close! However, as I sit here waiting for 5pm to get here, I am feeling really crampy, kinda bloated and have twinges of pain every once in a while. This is my first month so I have no clue. Did I misread the above? Am I ovulating right now????

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You might have caught the tail-end of the surge and you could be "Oing" right now.
Get off the computer and go BD!!! ROFL

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That is probably the explanation. I tested as soon as I got home from work and it was lighter. We BDed tonight, last night and will again tomorrow. We shall see! Smile

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Good Luck! I hope you caught the egg!! Biggrin

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I hope you caught it!

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Hope you caught the egg! Welcome to the 2WW.

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i got a positive opk yesterday and ended up oing yesterday. they say that a positive opk gives you a 24-hour window, but, for me, it almost always means that i'm oing that day. more like a 12-hour window.
i hope you caught the egg!