OB Appt Thursday

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OB Appt Thursday

I forgot to post about my appt Thursday, which is kind of funny because I really almost forgot about the appointment itself! I was at the gym Thursday morning and all of a sudden it popped into my head that I had an appt today and no sitter! It was a reschedule from Tuesday when Dh was home so I guess it's not really my fault. So I go to the appt with both girls in tow. Belle is 4 and MA is 18 mths and we get there early, that was my second mistake. The girls are being pretty good at this point although we are taking up an aisle of chairs with hopping in and out and dropping toys and magazines everywhere, but they are reasonably quiet. The office is just coming back from lunch and by some Christmas miracle I am called first. My OB's nurse is 2/3's saint because she just laughs and plays with the kids and lets them get weighed while taking all my stuff down. Then the part I wasn't sure how was going to play out, my peeing in a cup. I take both girls with me into the bathroom and MA decides that it is her life's mission to get that cup of pee and investigate. If you think fending off an 18 mth old while sitting on the potty with your pants down holding a cup of pee is easy, then you are delusional. I finally hid the cup behind the toilet, get myself righted, and then realized that the toilet isn't working and I can't flush. I pop the lid off and start monkeying with the inner workings of the toilet, I then realize that my BS from college clearly has not prepared me for the complexities of toilet plumbing and just say, "screw this!" I put my pee in the window, wash my/Belle/MA's hands and thank goodness that Belle isn't asking more questions about the pee in the window and leave the bathroom. My sainted nurse grabs my diaper bag and purse and puts me in the closest room. The dr. shows up a few minutes later. I'm sure we talked about something, but the only thing I remember is him asking me if I had any questions and I said "How the hell do you do this with three?!" He laughed and said that would be a question for his wife (they have 4). I then grabbed the girls and left. When I was trying to make an appointment while both kids were dodging behind the counter and waving at everyone, I told the lady that I wanted a 1:30 so the babysitter would only have to deal with 1 kid. I just wanted to be able to look at the baby on the u/s and not be yelling and flailing around at the other two. Yeah, it was a good appointment I think. A FAR cry from my first pg experiences. I hope you guys got a laugh out of my day, I sure did. Smile

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oh wow. yeah, i'm dreading the day i have to take DS to an appointment. his favorite game right now is to run away as fast as he can, hide someplace and yell "where's asher?" (did it again today at the library). i could just see him running into some other poor woman's exam room to hide and generally wreaking havoc in the whole clinic.

i had a bad pregnant brain moment with my last appointment, too...i had booked a sitter but totally forgot i had done that and was thinking i would have to take DS. then DH unexpectedly had the day off work, so he was home. i left for my appointment, DS was napping, and DH was lying on the couch in his undies. a few minutes later the babysitter shows up and totally catches DH off guard. Smile he called me kinda annoyed that i had scheduled a babysitter and didn't tell him, but i totally forgot i had ever talked to her! felt bad for her too that she drove across town and then we didn't need her.

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I can totally relate!! Any time I've taken my boys to the dr. with me I have MORE thsn regretted it! Your experience seems about EXACTLY like things I have been through. I've learned now though to keep candy in my purse for bribing, and apps on my phone to keep them busy. However it doesnt always work for long!