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I got a Sebaceous cyst removed today and it HURT!!! I thought I had a lipoma for a few years or more now and suddenly about a month ago it started hurting. Well next to it formed a red area that hurt SO bad! The red area popped a bit yesterday and drained SO much NASTY stuff. Luckily I saw a surgeon today and it ended up instead of it being a lipoma it was a sebaceous cyst. So.....I have to pack it everyday now for a week or so as it is like a tunnel under the skin. OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!

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I had that happen to me as well when I was younger. It was incredibly painful and the packing was just as bad at first. That must be awful to go through and be pg. Yuck!

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Feel better!

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That sounds terrible! Glad you had it removed and that you can start feeling better soon. Smile

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Oh I'm so sorry, that does not sound fun! I hope you feel better and it heals quickly!