Postpartum belly issues...

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Postpartum belly issues...

How are your bellies looking? Granted I'm only 10 days postpartum, but my belly is still pretty big and round. I'm sure it didn't take this long to go down after my daughter was born. I mean, it was flabby for a long time, but not round and firm like mine is now. I don't know if this normal for a second baby, or if maybe there's something wrong?

Also I seem to have a case of postpartum PUPPP. I had never heard of it but researching online makes me think that's what it is. It's a raised, red itchy rash on my belly that is slowly spreading. I had to stop reading online because you hear all the horror stories and it was scaring me. So far my midwife and two doctors have been perplexed (my baby's pediatrician looked at it, and I ended up going to urgent care on Saturday because it was getting worse and I was afraid it was a skin infection--it's not). I will be going to see my primary care doctor as soon as they can schedule me in this week. Just wondering if anyone here had any experience with this?

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My pregnancy belly is gone but I still look like I could be a few months along because I still need to lose 20 of the 40 pounds I gained. The first 20 pounds came off in the first 2 weeks and that's never happened before. I usually have a belly for quite a while afterwards so since you're still pretty early after delivery, I would give it a little more time to "deflate". Smile

I had to look up what PUPPP is and it sounds awful!! I've never dealt with it but I sure hope you find some relief soon! (HUG)

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so sorry about the skin rash!! that sounds miserable! and i felt like my belly didn't deflate as quickly this time as it did with DS1. which is weird because the contractions while nursing were way WORSE this time, so i kept thinking it would shrink down more quickly, but it took at least 2 weeks. with DS1, i think it was more like 4-5 days. i feel like my uterus is back to its normal size now, but i sure do have a lot of extra skin hanging around. when i lie on my side in bed, it all kind of puddles on the mattress. not attractive. i've got about 10 pounds left to lose, and my linea negra seems even darker than during pregnancy! too bad we can't all be celebrities and get our tummy tucks at the same time as our c-sections. Wink

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So sorry to hear about the PUPP! Keep us posted on that!

My belly still has some deflating to do. At my six week check up my midwife pointed out that my stomach muscles separated during the pregnancy. So if I'm laying down and tighten my stomach muscles you can feel a "whole" or "gap" where my belly button is...not sure if this happens to everyone. Anyway, she told me to start doing situps and this would help close the gap and tighten up my belly.

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:lurk: I had this problem after my first pregnancy and it has recurred during this pregnancy. Please don't just do situps, it will actually spread the gap and make it worse. You need to exercise your transverse to close the gap.

Here is some info to explain it better:

My gap stayed open for a year, and then I saw a physical therapist and closed it within two weeks. It should be a physical therapist trained in women's issues, your OB/GYN should have a recommendation. Best of luck.