Pregnancy dreams

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Pregnancy dreams

Tell me your crazy dreams, ladies. I have been having lots of them! My latest was that my baby was born 2 months early, and the docs wanted to put it back in!! He was a boy, and was sort of malformed with a tiny head and large body. In retrospect it's kind of freaky, but in the dream it wasn't upsetting at all, just interesting.

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I have always been a vivid dreamer. They are always crazy, but I only remember them for a few minutes after I wake up. I haven't had any dreams about this baby though.

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I always have crazy dreams every night. I have had a few about the baby though, I'm sure they'll only get crazier!

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I had one of those crazy dreams. I dreamed that Ivybeth and this new baby were some how born at the same time and were so tiny you could fit them in your hand but perfectly healthy. That'll teach me to watch Tom Thumb cartoons with Ivybeth lol

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I dream about my exes. And not in a good way. One is always stalking me and following my husband and I (I haven't spoken to him in years. He recently tried to add me on FB which I declined. It was a very unhealthy abusive relationship).

Another is always calling me in my dreams and just showing up to talk. I have nothing to do with him either. He was a cheater. I wake up and shake my head. Why the heck am I dreaming about either of them....

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I had a dream that this baby was born and all I could think was that its nose was a lot bigger than my DD's (she has a teeny tiny little nose).

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I have had several dreams that this baby is a girl. In one dream, she was around my daughter's age and she only had one arm :/ Weird, right??

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I had a dream over the weekend that I was looking at my 20 week u/s and the baby had 6 fingers and toes on each hand and foot. Weird.