Pregnancy Symptoms come and go???

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Pregnancy Symptoms come and go???

Morning Ladies. I woke up this morning, with absolutely no nausea, and my boobs didn't hurt. Hubby says they aren't as swollen as they have been. 3 hours later, the do hurt a bit, but not like before.

Has anyone else had symptoms came and go? This is my 5th pregnancy and the furthest along I have been. I just don't want to worry if this is normal. My next Dr appointment is monday.


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I think it's perfectly normal. It's happened to me a few times. There were times when my nausea went away for a few days and I felt pretty good, but then the hormones would peak again and it would come back. Try not to worry (I know that's easier said than done)

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Agreed! My boob pain comes and goes hourly!

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My breast pain comes and goes and also changes. My nipples we super sore last week, this week it's the sides. It hurts to run or go up the stairs and I don't have big boobs!

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I don't get morning sickness and my boobs have not even hurt this time. Other than being exhausted I wouldn't know I am prego. No worries! Smile