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put me on team...


we had our ultrasound today and baby #2 is a girl!!! the tech couldn't get her to open her legs, she had her thighs pressed together and legs crossed at the knees for the whole ultrasound. i was so bummed thinking the baby's gender would remain a mystery! but then the doctor came in and looked again and she finally opened her legs for us and there were the obvious 3 little lines! yay!!!

unfortunately, there were some issues with the ultrasound. but they are all issues that could resolve themselves and not pose a problem, so that's what we are praying for! first, they saw cysts on her brain. second, she had a "bright" bowel. the cysts can be "normal" if they go away on their own in the next few weeks. i will have a follow up ultrasound in 4 weeks to check. the bright bowel can be due to baby being exposed to one of a few different viruses (i had bloodwork today to test for those) or a marker for downs syndrome. my screening was already "elevated risk" for downs, so that finding on ultrasound elevates the risk further, but it is still estimated at just 3%. so, we are choosing to focus on the fact that we have a 97% chance of having a baby without downs! and we do not want to risk an amnio, so we just won't really know until after the birth. of course, i wanted to hear that everything was perfect. Sad it's been hard to call our family with the happy news about having a girl, and then have to answer the followup question "did everything look healthy?"

but i can honestly say i am not worried. i am just elated to be having another baby that we never thought we'd have. and i can't wait to start shopping for little baby girl clothes! Smile

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Congrats Amanda!!!! It will be so fun having one of both! Maybe I need to try for #4, and maybe then I'll finally get that girl? Then again, I could end up with a basketball team of boys, I only need 2 more! Ha!

As far as the results of the u/s I hope all turns out great. You seem very relaxed about it which is wonderful. Smile

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Congrats Amanda!! We're both on Team Pink! I am already looking at coming home outfits for the baby. Gymboree is having a great sale right now too...lots of cute summery outfits for $6.99 that will be perfect for our March babies!

I think your perspective on the ultrasound is really great. I kinda think that technology can be both a blessing and a curse...a blessing for the amazing treatments they offer, but often a curse when it causes a lot of worry that often winds up being unnecessary. I'm praying for you too that everything resolves itself. Keep us posted.

Any ideas on names yet?

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YAY!! Congratulations, Amanda!!

I'll keep you in my prayers that everything with the u/s resolves itself. Smile

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ooh, i must get to gymboree soon! i love their sales and often buy DS clothes for the next season that way. i never even let myself venture over the girl side, but now i can!!! Smile

as for names, DH already shot down my first choice (Clara) and i shot down his (Lydia) so we're going to be battling it out for sure. Wink i'm going to get some baby name books from the library this week and see if we can find any names we both like!

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Congrats on a girl! That is so funny that she waited so long for the big reveal, like she wanted more drama. Such a girl thing. Smile Your outlook on the u/s results sounds a lot like me, focus on the positive and always hope for the best. I hope your next peek resolves all the issues.

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Congratulations, Amanda!! Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers for a beautiful, healthy baby!

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Congrats!!! So exciting for you to have one of each! Smile

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HEe HEe - she sounds very modest Smile

Keep thinking positive thoughts and putting out a positive energy to the universe and everythign will be the way it should be. COngrats on your little girl Smile

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Congrats on your little girl Smile