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Qotd - 12/14

Has anyone finished their Christmas shopping yet?

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I haven't even started, LOL. Not by choice though. Money has been really tight and we're still waiting for DH to get his first check since his surgery over a month ago (WC case)! I have good ideas what to get the kids (a funny ... my DS actually put BACON on his list! That boy sure loves his bacon. :lol:), and I have no idea what to get DH or anyone else yet.

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I'm done except for picking up a few stocking stuffers for DH, DS, and myself. Wink I actually try to finish all my Christmas prep by Dec. 1st (I start shopping in October, do some baking in November and put stuff in the freezer, put up decorations around Thanksgiving, wrap gifts, etc.) so that I can maybe enjoy the month of December and just focus on attending various events and not fighting traffic or lines at the stores. Sometimes I regret finishing my shopping so early, though, because stores tend to have awesome deals right now!

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JUST started! These next few weeks of last minute shopping should be nice and stressful!

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Almost done! I have a couple of gifts that I still need to get for DS, but that's it! He's so hard to shop for so he's always the last one to be finished.

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I need to pikck up one or two more things for parents. Otherwise I'm all done AND I wrapped it all today! Sweet! Smile

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I'm doing pretty well this year. DH is all done, DD is mostly done, and my parents and sister are either done or almost done. I still need to shop for my two nephews and my husband's parents. I do have an idea for SIL that will be easy--just a gift card to a local restaurant. I am trying to do almost all my shopping locally this year. The problem is that I have now run out of money. Hmmm...buy more xmas gifts vs. pay my bills...

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DH and I don't really exchange big gifts as his bday is today and mine is Jan 30th. But I will get a few stocking stuffers. What we like to do is pick a store, split up, and set a money limit for each other.

As for Karina, I still might pick up a stocking stuffer or two.

I just have to mail my brother his shirt.

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Done and all wrapped. I am doing some baking this weekend with my neice and then going on a 13hour drive next friday to my in-laws Smile

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Pretty close to being done! I am so excited!