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Qotd - 12/16

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

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Yes! Smile Although my husband and I are starting our own this year. Before my grandparents passed away we would do Christmas Eve at their house after my sister and I were done performing the evening show of the San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker.

Growing up we would pick out a tree and come home and put on Christmas carols, have hot cocoa while my dad and I were in charge of putting the white lights on the tree, then my mom and sister would help us put the ornaments on the tree and my dad would put the Angel on top. On Christmas Eve, our family would have a crab dinner (being in CA you can't have a Christmas dinner without crab when it is in season :), then we would read a story from our Christmas book and open one present. Christmas morning we open our presents and then we would have our hot cocoa, fresh orange juice and omelets.

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That sounds wonderful, Abby! I have very fond memories of Christmas as a child. We would listen to Christmas music while decorating the tree and drink hot chocolate. Christmas Eve we would all take turns reading the Christmas Story from the bible and my sister would play church Christmas songs on the piano. We never got to open anything early. Nothing was even put out until after we were all in bed on Christmas Eve. So when I'd wake up in the morning, there would be presents everywhere! I loved it!

Now, we don't do much because unfortunately, my husband doesn't really embrace the Christmas season as much as I do. The kids and I decorate the tree and the house. The kids get new pajamas on Christmas Eve so they look decent for Christmas pictures in the morning, LOL, but it's not something we put under the tree for them to open. We always order pizza for dinner on Christmas Eve and always have cinnamon rolls and mimosas (fake ones for the kids and me this year) for breakfast Christmas morning. And every year, we have lunch with my IL's and dinner with my mom, sister and her family. We're lucky both families live close by.

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Growing up, we would decorate the tree on Chirstmas eve. My mom would make a HUGE spread of finger foods. It was the only time of the year we got some of the food she would put out. And we would sing christmas carols. We have 4 song books. The rules were if you wanted to add a song, you had to find the music for guitar and the words. My dad, and 2 older brother played guitars and all 6 of us kids and my dad sign.
Now, we usually go to the IL for christmas (it's the one time a year we get there - it's a 13 hour drive). We do Christmas eve at Dh aunts. Chrstmas at his mom's and boxing day at his dad's.
We do long weekend at my family's for Thanksgiving and Family day.
Since we have been married we also do a time capsule each christmas. It's a small box with the currant years "year" on it and we put pictures and things that stood out for us in the year inside. We are planning on opening them on our 25th weeding anniversary Smile
We ar elooking forward to starting our own christmas tradtions with our kids though Smile

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That time capsule is such a neat idea!

I forgot to mention one from the past. My mom used to make rum balls during Christmastime and my sister and I would sneak a whole bunch and go hide and eat them. Just a fun, silly memory I have. Biggrin

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New jammies on Christmas Eve (I made them this year!)
Undies and money in stockings
Driving through our local Holiday Park to look at lights
Homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning