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Qotd - 7/13/2011

Do you have any pets? Share pics if you have any!

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We have a corgi/black lab mix pup. She is about 8 months old, we have had her since she was 7 weeks and her name is Molly Smile She is SUCH a good dog. We love her!

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We have one cat Icabod, 4 years old. Our other cat Ayrton died a few weeks ago, he was 15.

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We have an 8yo chocolate lab. Best dog ever!

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We had a cat names Byron until the kids came along. He's a scaredy cat so my parents are fostering him at the moment

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We have 1 dog, a pure bread siberian husky (her parents were show dogs). And we also have 2 cats a boy and a girl. (They are brother and sister from the same litter).

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This is going to be long!! ROFL
We have all rescues.

Our 1st rescue is Kody. He's a 5 year old Black/White Blue-Eyed Siberian Husky that we rescued 4 years ago from Michigan. We had been looking for awhile for a Siberian Husky and we ended up finding him on 1800saveapet.com and just fell in love with him. He wasn't in the best shape and his story broke our hearts, we had to HAVE him and give him the best home possible. He was hit by a car & found by the side of the road with some nasty infected wounds. He was brought to the Humane Society where they spent abit of money to fix him up. His wounds were badly infection and he had to be shaved down from the middle of his waist to his tail in order to stitch him up Sad In the end, I guess they figured he was "damaged" goods because he was placed on the "kill list". He was spared though, a nice couple rescued him and fostered him for 2 weeks while they looked for a rescue to put him into so he could continue to heal & become rehabiliated. In 3 short months, he had been bounced around from Humane Society, Foster Home and then a Rescue called Hairy Houdinis. In April 2007, we drove the 1 1/2 hours and picked him up and brought him home. Biggrin He was a mess when we got him. He was about 20 lbs under weight, very skinny looking, he had barely any hair on his body and no hair on his tail (which we called his "lion whip" for months). He had NO manners what so ever, he was very destructive and ate whatever he could find. He would steal food off the counter-tops, he ate TV remotes, he scratched through SO's bedroom floor (before we moved into our new house) & destroyed his $150 metal cage. You'd never know he was that dog now, he's completely adjusted to his new lifestyle and he's the sweetest, most loving, affectionate dog ever. He's the best!!!

Our 2nd rescue is Fenway. He's a 4 year old Beagle that we rescued from our local Humane Society. We were looking for a friend for Kody and figured a beagle would be a great friend for him because it's a smaller dog and most likely submissive. Plus, my parents have a female beagle and Kody liked her a lot. Fenway was about 6 months old when we got him and he had spent his entire life locked up in a crate in a small apartment building, so all he did all day was cry & bark. He's my little love-bug and my shadow. He's a baby and whines a lot but it doesn't really bother me. Wink I named him "Fenway" for SO. SO is a big Boston Red Sox fan and while I was folding laundry one day came across "Fenway" as a name for our beagle and we both loved it. We mostly call him "Fenny" though.

Our 3rd rescue is Raja, she's a 3 year old tortoise-shell cat. She was sort of a surprise and SO didn't know about her until he came home one night and she was already here. ROFL There was an ad on Kijiji for her. She was a 6 month old feral kitten living in someone's backyard and they wanted to find her a home before the winter set in. I couldn't turn her down, I love tortoise-shells and she was free!! She was very skinny & tiny and still is, most people mistake her for a kitten. She's very skittish, doesn't like loud noises, doesn't like to be held, she'll come snuggle on her own terms. She's very quiet and spends most of her day just looking out the window. I wanted an exotic name for her and love Disney movies, so Raja it is (from Aladdin).

Our 4th rescue is Nala, she's a 2 year old Silver Tabby/Bengal Mix. She too is feral but she was hand-raised by SO & I. My dad used to have a bad feral cat problem in his backyard in the city here. The city doesn't care, they don't do anything to help us get rid of the problem or have any solutions other than, "let them starve to death". Seems very cruel, these cats didn't ask to be feral, most of them have been abandoned by their family. So, for 7 years, my sister & I would take the kittens that were born to the feral cats away and raise them ourselves, it was the only way we could control how many feral cats were hanging around the house. We'd bottle-feed them, taught them to use the litter box, eat solid foods & become loving-affectionate animals, so we could give them up for adoption to families that were wanting a kitten. One summer we raised & found homes for 13 kittens and 1 adult female. That was our biggest spring/summer of kittens. My last litter of kittens that I raised, Nala was apart of it. She was 1 of 6. Sadly, something just wasn't right with this litter of kittens, they weren't healthy at all. Three of them passed away within weeks of us taking care of them and that was the 1st time in 7 years we actually had kittens die on us. It was very hard to understand. Anastasia was Nala's sister and she ended up passing away at 9 weeks of age and it really broke our hearts. All we had left was a male we named Tubs and Nala. We ended up finding a home for Tubs when he was 12 weeks old and we decided to kept Nala
as ours. Raja was really fond of her. Most of our family members actually have a kitten that we have raised and they're all related (same dad ROFL ) Nala is our crazy fur "child". She's full of energy, loves to play, she's very loving/affectionate and loves to give kisses. She loves to sit on top of our shoulders like a parrot and even did so when she was very tiny. She too is very tiny like Raja.

And we also have a 70 gallon aquarium