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Qotd - 7/14/11

What is your favorite holiday to celebrate as a family? Why?

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Christmas for sure! I just love the season, the smells, the music, everything!

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Mine has to be Halloween! My entire extended family has a huge costume party every year where everyone, including the adults, dress up. We all try and keep our costumes a secret until that night for the big reveal! We play games, eat, and give away a prize for best costume. We look forward to it all year Smile Matter of fact, we are already planning our costumes right now! Ha Smile

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I am a big fan of Thanksgiving. In our family its such a fun, relaxed holiday where all we do is eat and spend time together, two of my favorite things!

BTW, thanks for doing this Heidi. It's neat to get to know my new lady friends. Smile

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"lmh101979" wrote:

BTW, thanks for doing this Heidi. It's neat to get to know my new lady friends. Smile

No problem!! Anyone else can feel free to jump in a post questions too if they think of one Smile

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Christmas. It's the one holiday where we see pretty much every relative, and it's close to DS's birthday.

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Ours is Memorial Day. I come from a military family so we have lots of traditions we follow. Plus we spend some time at a local state park camping for a couple nights once all our work is done.

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Right now, I would almost say Stampede Week here in Calgary. She gets to dress pretty in Western wear - esp her pink cowboy boots and red cowboy hat. She gets to see and pet horses. Best of all - Stampede Breakfasts!! Pancakes are her all time favourite. And I know she will love the Stampede grounds when we take her there this weekend.

Otherwise, I would say Christmas. Gifts, wrapping paper and ribbons. Also Jesus too. What's not to love?

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My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it is a time when my family gets together and reflects over the past year. It starts with Church and then we come home. I usually help my mom in the kitchen while we wait for our guests and family to show up. No other holiday beats the Thanksgiving meal in our house! Smile

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I love Christmas. I enjoy celebrating my Savior's birth and spending time with family. Also, it always seems to be a magical time for my kids.

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We love Halloween. Dressing up is so much fun and the candy is pretty good too Smile
This was my costume when I was pregnant with DD. Her EDD was October 31st (but didn't come until Nov 3rd)

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