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Qotd - 7/18/11

Do you have any feeling one way or another what this babe's gender might be?

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I think boy because I would really like a boy. So yeah, it's almost guaranteed that I'm having a girl. Smile

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I have a very strong feeling this one is a girl. I even had a dream last night that it was a girl. I guess we shall see Smile

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I don't even know what I want ... If I had a boy -- him and DS would be exactly 3 years apart (almost to the day) and so I'd be able to reuse all of my baby clothes. But how fun would it be to have a little girl!!!

Um ... I predict GIRL.

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For some reason, I really think girl. I will be extremely happy with either since we already have one of each. But, my gut is strongly leaning towards a girl.

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Omg, I'm totally feeling boy!! Course I want a boy soooo bad! I told my DH, when we find out the gender, at least I will have several months to deal with the guilt i'll feel if it's a girl!:ROFL:

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I am thinking boy mostly because I am eating all the same foods I ate with DS. Since I already have a boy and a girl I don't care too much either way. Part of me kinda wants another girl because my daughter is soooo much easier than my son.

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I'm really hoping boy but have no feeling about it yet. I had no clue with DS, and I was pretty sure DD was a girl. So we will see.

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Boy! Smile

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