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What kind of car do you drive? Do you like it?

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I have a '08 VW Jetta. I like it, it's cute and fun to drive and gets decent gas mileage. But, it is a little small. It's fine for me and the kids, but it's a tight squeeze when all 4 of us are in it. And, with this baby coming we no longer will be able to fit everyone in the car. We're gonna have to upgrade to something bigger, but it's not really possible financially. I guess someone's gonna have to ride on the roof! LOL

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I drive a 2010 Honda Odyssey. I never thought I would be driving a mom-moblile but gotta admit that I love it!

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I drive a '06 Nissan Xterra...love it!

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I have a 2008 Honda Odyssey and I love it more than I ever thought I would. Smile I miss my Honda Element that we sold to buy the Odyssey, it was such a fun car.

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I have an '05 Toyota Corolla. I bought it myself at the age of 19 so it is my baby. It isn't going to work for 3 kids though so we are hoping to buy a buick enclave closer to my due date. We knew that would be our biggest expense when we had a third. I'm going to miss getting 40mpg.

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We drive a town and country mini van. It's ok...but once this babe is here we have officially outrown it Smile We are looking for something bigger right now, probably a suburban or something similar...

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I have a Chevy Trailblazer. I love the back because we can go grocery shopping and fit basically anything in there. I also like driving an SUV because I like to be up high. My DH has a pontiac grand am, but wants a new car soon. Our next car will probably be a Ford of some sort. My DH refuses to drive anything that isn't American made.

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I have an `05 Expedition that I love! I just recently got a `12 Elantra that I drive to work because I needed something more economical (I drive over 1 hour each way) and I love that too. My husband has pretty much taken over the Expedition but it's still mine and I still love it, LOL.

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'07 Honda Accord. DH still drives the 2001 Tahoe I got at 18...he's one of those that drives a car until I total it or it dies. Anyone with minivans - how did you convince DH??

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*lurking* I like this thread... Trying to pick out a new SUV at the moment! ehe.. something smallish but room for kids!!!.. Oh and cute!!! Anyone have a Jeep Liberty??

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DH convinced me to get the minivan. Smile He had a Honda Pilot and it really just wasn't convenient with two carseats. The 3ed row is really meant for kids and our are way too little to do that. Anytime we went anywhere with my parents, which is often, I would get stuck in the 3ed row. Not so much fun. I always hated minivans and thought they were stupid. Then I had two kids in car seats and it seemed like the most genius idea EVER. Sliding doors to buckle kids in and out without bumping adjacent cars. Remote opening so DD1 could climb in on her side while I get DD2 in on her side. Power lift gate is my favorite feature. Hit the button and it's up when you get there with the shopping cart. Hands full of groceries so you don't have to make 2 trips just hit the button and don't wrestle with the hatch. Yeah, I super love my mini-van. And don't get me started on traveling in it, we drive to MI every year and this was the most awesome trip yet because of our awesome travel accommodations. I just can't say enough about how much I love my car! Let him mess with buckling car seats in and out of the back of the accord or the Tahoe and it will seem like a much better idea. Smile

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We just upgraded from a Chevy Trailblazer to a GMC Yukon XL. We needed more space but wanted 4-wheel drive. We also like the option of towing if we want to get a camper in the future. We love it so far!