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Qotd - 7/9/11

What # baby is/will this be for you? How many total do you want?

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This is baby 3 and our final! We decided on 1 or 3 when we started. I will be so greatful that I got my wish. Smile

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This is #6 for us and we always said that #6 would be our absolute limit! So this is it and I am going to try and enjoy every second of it Smile

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This is #3 for us. Ive always wanted 5, but i think DH will want to be done after this, but who knows. Smile

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This is baby #3 and it will also be our last. I thought I would be sad about this being our last, but I'm really at peace with it. I'm just trying to enjoy every moment!

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Wow! Lots of #3's. This is also #3 for us. It was a surprise and will definitely be our last

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Keeping with the theme I am also carrying baby number 3!! We were unsure if we wanted 2-3 but after I had my daughter we decided we were done. This pregnancy was a big surprise for us!!

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This is #2. I would be happy to have more children, but 2 babies/2 pregnancies is enough for me. We might adopt later.

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This is my 5th child and I have had 5 losses. Husband want a total of 8 kids. Dont see that happening. My other kids ages are 15, 13, 8 and 5

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This is baby #4 for us and our last. I'm so ready for another newbie to schnoodle but also ready to stop thinking about whether to have more or not haha Smile

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My ideal number is three, but at my age, I really am only prepared for one more pregnancy (altho additional surprise pregnancies would make me happy). Therefore, if I am blessed with one more pregnancy, my only hope for 3 kids will be to have twins.

I know, unreasonable. But that's the only way my dream and my reality is mostly likely to work.

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If we get a BFP this cycle, it will be baby #1 (finally). We agreed early on that we didn't want a big family (1-2 kids), so we'll probably stick to that plan. Our house is big enough to have 2 kids without having to move, so that makes me happy. Wink

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This would be our 2nd and final baby. I'm having a permanent procedure done at some point after that.

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#2 for us and I'm so excited!! I say we're done at 2 buuuuuuut, if this ones a girl, I may consider trying for another. That being said, it takes us soooo long and so much to get KU, this may be it just because.

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This will be our 2nd and most likely last. I am an only child, and I always thought if I had any children I would want at least 2. Not that being an only child is a bad thing...it's awesome, but when you get older I often wished I had a sibling to share things with. My mom was also an only child.