QOTD - 8/13

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QOTD - 8/13

Do you "look" pregnant yet? Still wearing regular clothes?

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I look chubby around the waist but I can still squeeze into my regular clothes. They are very uncomfortable by the end of the day though

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I have kind of popped out in the past couple days. When I put my scrubs on for work on Thursday I thought, "Wow! I look pregnant!"

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Well, I don't think I really look pregnant yet...just like i ate too much! But I've been wearing maternity clothes for a few weeks now. I can't stand anything tight on my waist, so maternity stuff is definitely more comfortable.

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I just look chubby right now. I am wearing some of my regular clothes but I keep them unbuttoned because they are too tight otherwise.

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I recently lost weight so my clothes are still fitting because of that. I don't know when I'm going to pull out maternity stuff. I mostly have winter clothes so maybe when it gets cold?

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Not at all. I'm still down ten pounds from my starting weight. I think it's going to hit all at once probably, right?

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Like I have mentioned I am a fluffy girl to begin with....but yeah starting to wear maternity bottoms.