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QOTD 8/20

How did you meet your DH/SO?

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We had 1st hour English class together our freshman year of high school Smile Became friends, but didn't start dating until our senior year. We got engaged 2 weeks after graduation, married 2 years later, and the rest is history Smile

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Aww, I love to read about how people met! I met my husband at work. We worked at the same company for quite a while but worked different shifts, however; we would work Saturday nights together. I was dating someone else at the time but we were having problems. Robert kept asking me out over and over again so I finally agreed to just go to dinner with him. We got married one year later to the day of that dinner. I had planned on marrying the ex but later found out that he beat his wife (she found my old number in his piles of stuff and called my mom's house looking for me to ask me if he ever displayed abusive behavior towards me, which he didn't). So I look at the whole situation as my husband potentially saved me from something that could have been horrible. Smile

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I met DH at a bar!!! lol. We had mutual friends so we met through them while I was away at college. Turns out we went to the same highschool and our parents lived less 5 minutes from each other. I knew a few of his friends in highschool but he is 3 years older than me

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DH and I actually share a (very small) hometown, but never knew each other then. He's 7 years older. We met in August 2001 when he moved in to the same apartment complex I was living in. At the time we were both in other relationships that were going nowhere. We met for the first time when it was raining and my roommate and I were being goofy and running around in the courtyard playing and dancing in the rain. He came out of his apartment with 2 of his friends all decked out (cowboy hat, boots) ready to go out partying for the night. I was apparently unforgetable after that, and he decided he had to have me. We got married in 2007.

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I choose this question because I have a good story. Smile DH and I met skydiving. He was an instructor at the airport and I was learning how to jump. I thought he was the coolest guy ever! When I met him he was living in his car, was a professional skydiver, and had the nickname Freak. Yeah, my parents were thrilled. Smile I never thought he wanted to be serious right up until he proposed. (He had a real job at this point). Almost 10 years later I still think he is the coolest guy ever! Smile

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DH and I met "in college." He is from Baltimore and went to Georgia Tech. I'm from WV and went to Univ. of Maryland. The second day there I met his best friend from HS and dated him on and off for 1.5 years. Ultimately, the Best Friend became my "best friend in college" (there was something special there, but not anything romantic).

So, DH would come and visit the Best Friend once a year. I met DH freshman year but I was still with the Best Friend. Sophomore year he had a gf. Junior year I had a bf. Each time I met him though I crushed on him more and more. Honestly, he was my ideal guy: good looking, really cool, but most importantly, nice, funny, and smart. AND we both love to eat Chef Boyardee cold out of the can!

Finally, going into my senior year of college, I got drunk one night and called him. I said, "i'm finally single and I have always liked you. Are you?" 3 weeks later we were engaged. One year later, we were married. We just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and I love him more each day. I honestly have the perfect DH. We are soulmates and meant for each other. A yin to a yang.

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That is such a sweet story Meg! Except for the cold Chef Boyardee part!
These are great stories. It's so funny how the perfect guy comes along and it's never who you expect! TFS ladies!

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My best friend and I rented a townhouse together after we graduated college. At our first house party I met her brother (now my DH). He says it was love at first sight but I was involved with a very proper English gentleman who was living in Ireland at the time so I didn't pay him much notice. However, as the weeks went on we kept running into each other at family functions (I was/am like an adopted sister to my best friend and her six sisters). Anyway, I went to Ireland to see U2 play at Slane Castle with my English guy and couldn't stop thinking about John. I never thought I would be one of those girls dating someone but constantly thinking about someone else. Anyway, I flew back to the states the day before 9/11 and John was waiting at the airport (not my friend who was supposed to pick me up). We just bonded on the drive home and I somehow knew he was the one. After that I ended it with my English guy which worked out because he is now married to another one of my college roommates who he met when he came to the states a few weeks later.

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