QOTD 8/25

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QOTD 8/25

We haven't done one in a few days, so here is one:

What is your favorite room in your house\apt\condo and why?

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Sadly, my bathroom. I have an awesome European, deep tub that I would just sit and sleep in all day if I could!!

Kitchen is probably a close second b\c I *love* my kitchen's layout. We have a table and a TV in there as well, so it is a nice place to "graze" and relax.

P.S. - JUST realized I moved up to "SUPPORTER" from contributor! Wahooooooooo

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Congrats on the promotion. Smile

My favorite room would have to be the master bed/living/kitchen. I honestly think the rest of the house could disappear and it would take a while to notice since we spend most of the day in these three areas.
I definitely think the formal dining room that I made a playroom is a close second. I am in love with not having toys all over the house!

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Prob my living room - it's where we spend most of our time. We just got a new rug and I'm pushing for a new sofa! Since I was an Interior Designer in my former life though, I never feel like any room is ever finished! It drives DH crazy! Smile

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my favorite room would have to be our guest room. maybe because it's always clean? haha. it's just very peaceful in there...i love to nap lying on top of the made bed. it also has great light and a pretty view out the window. it will actually become this baby's nursery and our guests will get booted to the basement bedroom. so once baby arrives, i will really get to spend a lot of time in there! we'll see if it's still my favorite room then. Wink

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Hard to pick!! We just moved into our new house and I pretty much love every inch of it Smile My favorite would probably be my kitchen though. It is big and vintage and all of my red kitchen stuff looks awesome in it Smile

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