QOTD 8/6

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QOTD 8/6

What trait do you NOT want your baby to inherit from you?

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Great question! To be perfectly honest, there are quite a few:

- physically: I have genetic idiopathic generalized epilepsy. There is a 15% chance my children will have it. I pray, pray, pray they do not; although, it does not cause too many problems in my life. And the PCOS - it is familial.

- mentally: My incessant worrying. I worry about everything, especially the fear of a loved one dying. I pray they are like my husband and can fall asleep in 5 min like they have no care in the world!

- facial characteristics: my nose and lack of chin!!! And the acne I had in MS (but that was due to the PCOS)

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I think this will be an ongoing thing that I'll keep coming back too, LOL.

weight problems
menstration issues (if it's a girl)
PCOS and/or Endometriosis (if it's a girl)

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- My spending issues (I wish I saved more!)
- My eyesight (I have needed glasses since I was 5. Luckily both my boys have 20/20 vision like their daddy. I hope this one does too.)

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-my allergies / hormone issues
-my negative thinking

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I would like all my children to have a little more direction in their lives then I ever had. I did graduate from college but I never really had a plan, still don't. I hope they all have a little more drive to succeed then I do.
I hope they don't have to stuggle with their weight
I hope they can be proud of themselves

OK, this question is kind of depressing, I'll try for something more lighthearted tomorrow. Smile

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I have really bad allergies and seasonal asthma (although it was year round as a kid) so I hope this kiddo doesn't have these. My poor son has bad allergies and I feel so bad for him!

Mostly I just hope my kiddos are all genuinely happy, honest, productive members of society.

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i could think of quite a few, but if i had to pick just one, i hope this baby does not inherit my complete lack of athletic ability. i have none of the coordination, natural strength, or competitiveness that make some people good at sports. it was always a struggle for me growing up, i hated PE class, i'm bad at skiing (a big activity here in utah), and i still cringe at the thought of a casual volleyball or softball game at a church cookout! DH is a great soccer and basketball player, so let's hope his genes win out!!

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My butt chin! I have a cleft in my chin and I hate it!! Thankfully my DD did not get that.

My temper is another. I have a horrible temper and my impatience (goes hand in hand with my temper). Luckily my DH is really laid back and calm so the kids have shot!