QOTD 8/8

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QOTD 8/8

Since no one liked my question yesterday I thought I'd try again. Smile

Other than you and DH/SO who will be most excited about this pg?

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My DD! She is beside herself with baby fever. Also my two sisters are really excited. My older sister is planning to try for her second in September so hopefully we will have two cousins close in age. Smile

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Probably DD! We haven't officially told her yet (waiting until after my first doctor appt next week). She LOVES babies and I think since she will be almost 4-1/2 when this baby gets here that she'll be a big help too. I am a little nervous if this baby is a boy though because she definitely expresses how much she likes baby girls!

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My mom for sure, her grand babies are her life. My while family knows and they are all excited for another baby.

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More than likely my sister, she loves spoiling Karina. Also my DH's parents. We haven't told them yet, but in my last pregnancy he told them as soon as I tested positive, so I gave him the green light to tell them.

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My parents are really excited and so is my best friend who is due one day before me.

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I think DH's parents. They always wanted a big family, but it just wasn't meant to be for a lot of reasons. I think they will be the most excited. I honestly don't think my parents will be that happy. They have already said that they are not really into me having 3.

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My DD for sure. She is so excited she can hardly stand it. Smile

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The kids are all REALLY excited this time and that is lots of fun. My dad is also especially excited Smile

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My in-laws. DH is the only child of only children, so if we do have twins they will be freaking ecstatic b\c we essentially doubled their family size.