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QOTD 9/21

Where will baby's room be? A room of their own? Sharing with a sibling? Or in with mom and dad?

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Eventually, baby will be sharing a room with DD. I dont think my 16 year old DS would appreciate having to share a room with a baby...nor do I think baby would appreciate being subjected to the pigsty teenager's room! LOL! But, baby won't be moving in with DD until a good nighttime routine has been established, so we're cramming baby in with us. I'm not really sure how it's all going to work out...I'm worried about baby keeping DH up all night and having him be a zombie at work.

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This babe will be sharing a room with Elliot!

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We have 4 bedrooms so technically this one could have their own room, but I don't want to give up the guest room so DD 1 and 2 will share, and the nursery will stay the same. I keep the baby downstairs with us for the first 8 weeks or so just for night time nursing convenience.

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Babe will room with us for the first 6 months in a co-sleeper. Depending on the gender the baby will share a room if we haven't moved into a bigger house by then.

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For the first few weeks LO will share a room with us. Hopefully it won't take long for us to get a bigger house, but we have to wait until one is available (military housing). We're wanting the LO to have their own room, esp since our older one needs sleep for school and our other one will think it's play time if the baby is in there ha ha.

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Baby will be sharing a room with us. Right now our 2 other bedrooms are being used by my husband for his office(s). He knows that he has to consolidate into one room eventually, but that's probably about a year from now. And who knows, maybe we will move by then.

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We have a 4 bedroom house but one room is used as an office and there really is no where else to put everything in it. So at first, the baby will stay in our room and then will move in to DD's room. She's super excited to be sharing her room with the baby. I just hope it won't interfere with her school work if/when the baby wakes in the night.