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quick, funny NPR article


i'm the first to go on and on about how much i LOVE being a mom, but this article is SO true! sometimes it is just hard and NOT fun! and it starts with pregnancy. i spend all day puking and watching my body morph into some weird balloon-shaped thing with unattractively-huge boobs, but i feel compelled to smile and say, "it's such a beautiful experience!"

and, of course, it is. but it also sucks sometimes. Smile

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A friend of mine posted this on facebook! I love it! It is so true. For some reason, as parents, we feel the need to project to others that we love every single second of being a parent but you know what? A lot of times it is hard and we should be able to admit that to each other! I love being a mom and I love my kids, but it is a tough job!

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Great article. I love my children and I love being a mom...I don't take it for granted. But, that doesn't mean that every moment is a bed of roses. Raising children is work, and work is hard!

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