Quiet Semi-Lurker goes Public :)

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Quiet Semi-Lurker goes Public :)

I have been stalking all of you for a couple of weeks now ... probably still in a bit of shock that I am in the MARCH 2012 board .... but now that I've figured out my avatar pic and can show off my cute family with my siggy pics ... I'm coming out and introducing myself! I might warn however, that I have a tendency to share too much information and be a bit long winded -- I blame it on teaching middle school!!

I met this cute red head in August of 2000, my freshman year in college. Fast forward several months -- and I was married *at 19!* in June of 2001.

My name is Jen and having babies is not like ordering pizza for me or my family. My husband and I have never taken any sort of preventative measures and our first surprise pregnancy was in 2006. That one unfortunately ended in heart break shortly after it started. A few years later we changed doctors and was diagnosed with PCOS. With the help of Clomid, Provera, and Metformin ... we conceived and carried to term our beautiful *I mean LOOK at him!!* son Jace. We got another surprise in September of that year that I was pregnant again! WHAT? Unfortunately that one was ended relatively quickly after it started. I went back to my dr to get back on my "fertility cocktail of meds" in Jan of this year. We got pregnant right away -- but miscarried 4 days after getting the positive pregnancy test.

~Side Note~
I taught Middle School MATH (and loved every second of it) from 2005 til 2010 when I decided to stay home with my son. In May of this year I started thinking that maybe I would go back to work. That is silly, I'm a SAHM ... so I pushed the thought aside. The thought and prompting to go back never left and in June I started looking for a teaching position. Shortly after I was accepted at a **ROCK STAR** high school not far from where I live. I'm sad to leave Jace in day care -- but truly feel like this is what we need to be doing. ~Side Note Over~

The first week in July I went into my Dr Office to get my hormone levels checked to see if the currant dosage of Clomid was working. They were afraid that it didn't and wanted me to up it to 150 mg a day. *EEK* ... I mentioned to a friend that night that I was a bit grateful that this month wasn't it -- bad timing to be going back to school and having a baby in March.

On July 14th I hadn't gotten my period yet, although it was still a day or two early, but decided to POAS anyway. I took the test into my room and opened it so my husband wouldn't know that I was wasting a $3 test AGAIN (he was in the shower) I snuck back into the bathroom to use the test -- didn't do THAT in my bedroom!! hehe To my surprise ... we are having a March Baby.


So I'm throwing my plans out the window! I'm freaking out about going back to work and being pregnant. I won't be at the job long enough to qualify for FMLA and I don't know what options are out there. I have my babies via c-section ... and know going back to school (with snotty teenagers) 2 weeks after surgery is not something I want to do. I'm WRACKED with the guilt that although I'm dying to have another baby ... I wish it would have been later. Everyone seems so happy all of the time -- and I am torn emotionally on this one. That's the first time I've admitted it "out loud". I have no idea what is going to happen with my little 2 week old if I need to go back that soon -- and even if I can hold out until the baby is 6 weeks ..... what then? Plus ... do I leave the district again after coming back for only one year? I don't know. I guess if I really want to admit it -- I'm 70% excited ... 30% freaking out. Plus I have the fear of another miscarriage. I've already had 3 -- those are the worst.

Thanks for making it to the end. I told you ... long winded! I'm enjoying everyone's stories and just wanted to say ...

HERE I AM! Biggrin

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Jace is soooo cute!!! I'm sending lots of sticky vibes your way for this little one!

I am in the same boat about being excited and freaking out! As for your maternity leave you still have a few months to figure that all out. You don't need to be making all of these big decisions right now. Especially since once the new little one arrives you might change your mind! Just take everything one day at a time and enjoy everything you can!

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Sticky, Sticky, Sticky vibes!!!!! Welcome, my SoulCyster, and I look forward to getting to know you. I understand your worry completely, especially in light of the PCOS. I have a good feeling about this one (you and I are due a day apart) and hopefully we can get there!!!

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I love you already! Thanks for sharing your story and I think we will get hear the end of how you work out the maternity leave situation since you will be here for the duration. Congrats Congrats Congrats. Welcome to March!

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Welcome!! I'm also a teacher! :). Not really looking forward to going back to work next week though. It has been so nice to be away from it all! LOL! I wouldnt worry about the maternity situtation. I think March is a great time because even if you have to go back it will only be for a little while and then you'll be off in June for the summer again!

I can relate to being nervous about an m/c, Ive had 2 myself. But hang in there and try not to worry. I think all will go great!

So glad you decided to join us!

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Congrats, and welcome to March!! I hear you on the freaking out thing... Trust me, it is okay to feel that way! My first two pregnancies were unplanned and I was also freaking out.... So scared and confused about how I would handle it. Totally normal for an unplanned surprise! That's why nature gives you nine months to get used to the idea and figure out a plan, LOL. Smile

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Hi and welcome to March.

I hope things end up working out perfectly with the timing. I can imagine the mixed feelings you are having. I honestly believe that in the end everything well be great. Oh, amd you have an adorable family!

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Congrats. Don't stress to much about work. These things do have a way of working them selves out Smile

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Nice to "meet" you Smile Welcome and congrats!

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Hope all is going well so far!

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So far so good -- my first appointment and ultrasound is on Thursday. I'm sure it will be fine ... but it's hard not to stress about it. I'm sick of being sick and I'm sick of being sleepless ... I guess it's just time for me to get used to it! Smile

p.s. I'm an AUNTIE today Smile My little brother had his first little baby, and I'm so excited!!!