Recommendations for a sleeping bra?

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Recommendations for a sleeping bra?

Does anyone wear a bra to bed? My main early pregnancy symptom is enlarged and tender breasts, and they're too sensitive to wear just a T-shirt at this point. I need something soft and comfortable, yet supportive, to wear to bed. I think I'm somewhere around a 32DD.

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I would check out I have gotten bras from there and really liked them alot. Plus they aren't too crazy expensive. FYI- if you plan on nursing they have a great line of nursing tops that are fantastic.

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I sleep in my regular bras until they are too small, then I just sleep in my nursing bras, they are like soft sports bra types.

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i don't need a sleeping bra yet, but i will toward the end, and definitely while nursing, and my favorite by far is the medela comfort bra (you can find it on amazon and in stores). it looks like a sports bra, but way more comfortable than any sports bra i've ever owned, and it does upclip for nursing when the time comes. the fabric is super smooth and soft, and it can stretch as needed if your size changes during pregnancy and nursing.

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I sleep in the same bra that I wear during the day and just change it in the morning as long as it is a comfortable fit...I have a padded bra that I bought from walmart and it is absolutely my favorite. The padding adds cushion and the straps don't dig bad...I'm only a 38D though