round ligamen pain

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round ligamen pain

owie! i was walking around the grocery store this evening hunched over from the sharp pain on the lower left side of my now quite-protruding belly. i recognize the feeling from my first pregnancy, and i've been feeling the baby move this evening, so i'm not worried that it's anything more serious than growing pains. but, man, it hurts! time to go to bed, i think. Smile

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I guess I am pretty lucky because I don't get bad morning sickness but I think the worst part of pregnancy is the round ligament pain! For me it is horrible. This pregnancy it is driving me nuts but that might have something to do with me chasing around a 3 and 1 year old all day!

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It sure does hurt! I tend to notice mine the most when I try and get up too fast!

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Same here, Heidi. It's happened quite frequently and I need to remind myself to slow down. It sure does hurt!!

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I'm with you Heidi, it happens when I try to get up fast. Also....I gotta watch the sneezes...THAT can be a killer!!

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Oh yes, it certainly does hurt! I can't count the number of times I've been abruptly woken up in the middle of the night when trying to roll over in bed. At least it only hurts for a few seconds, but those seconds can be agonizing!

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I almost didn't want to open this link because I hate that RLP so much. It is just crazy painful, I remember in my first pg I thought there was something wrong like I pulled a muscle or something. But yeah, you would think it would be better the third time around. Not so much.