Saying Hello :D

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Saying Hello :D

I might or might not be joining you here Biggrin

My cycles are wacky because I'm still breastfeeding, so I'm just guessing when I O'd. I felt awful crampy for 2 days straight so we DTD both days. I checked a few due date calculators and most tell me my due date would be February 28th, but the due date calculators that actually take into account my 32 day length cycle and not just the average 28 day cycle, it says March I'm going with that one (If I do catch the eggy this time around) Biggrin

This will be our 5th child if I do get a BFP. We have 3 girls and 1 boy. All ages and names are in my siggy. You may or may not know me from 2009 when I lost my sweet boy Isaac James Sad He is the reason we are here.....trying again for another boy. If it ends up a girl, well....oh well, the more the merrier I guess! LOL Blum 3

So, here's to hoping I get a BFP in 9-14 days Biggrin I look forward to getting to know you all in the next 2 weeks, and hopefully being able to stay!

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Hello!! Welcome to March! So sorry to hear about baby Isaac James Sad

Let's hope this 2ww goes quickly and we all get those lovely BFP!

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Hello, hope you get to stick around Smile

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Welcome! I hope you get to stick around!

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(((hugs))) and gl!

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Welcome. I hope you get to stay in March!!