So emotional!

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So emotional!

I keep crying over random stuff! I saw a memorial notice in the paper about a man I don't know at all, who died last year and it would have been his 30th birthday. I started crying, thinking "Why did he have to die so young??" Everything makes me cry.

I also keep having weird panic/anxiety attacks. I get shaky and lightheaded and I can feel my heart racing. I'm assuming these are pregnancy hormone-related, but I don't remember this from my first pregnancy. Anyone else having emotional symptoms?

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Awe, I hope it gets better for you. I've been a little more "snippy" if you know what I mean, with the kids and DH, but thats about it. But I'm sure they'd tell you that is enough! LOL

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I have been snippy too. Plus my brother got married and I found myself being the only one to cry like a baby...and the wedding itself was so absurd that I didn't want to cry I wanted to laugh but couldn't. Hormones are so unpredictable that I have even found myself laughing well crying when I was in labor with DD.

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I made the mistake of watching "A Walk to Remember" with Mandy Moore while pregnant last time. I sobbed so hard I almost made myself sick.


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I am emotional anyway ... so YES ... lots of tears!

After watching The Notebook last time I was pregnant -- my darling husband said: "We need to watch Chick Flicks more often!" I looked at him strangely ... and he said: "You are HILARIOUS!" Glad to know that he finds humor in my sensitive tear ducts.

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I watched UP when pg with DD2. Not a good move. Smile

Today at Publix when we were checking out DD1, Belle, was sad because they didn't have any pink balloons. One of the baggers heard me telling the cashier and he went and made one for her. Yeah, I totally teared up. I'm a pretty big cry baby anyway, this just makes it worse.