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So, since my OB appt 3 weeks ago, I have been spotting EVERY day. Warning TMI...the spotting is never very much and usually just when I wipe. And it seems to happen lightly for an hour or so and then is pretty much gone for the rest of the day. But sometimes it almost looks like I've lost part of my mucus plug, but I know it's way too soon for that. Any thoughts? My doc did mention during my exam that my cervix is very irritable, so I'm assuming that is what is causing the spotting. And...TMI again...the spotting seems to pick up after a bowel movement. I did call my OB about it 2 weeks ago and she said that if it's not heavy like a period (which it isn't) and I don't have cramping (which I don't) that it isn't anything to worry about. Do you think I should call them back again? I'm just starting to get a little unnerved at seeing spotting every day.

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Sounds like maybe it is some little capillaries in your cervix bursting open. Especially since it seems to be worse when you go to the bathroom. Couldn't hurt to call though just so they know what's going on!

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Never fails I ALWAYS have spotting in my pregnancies and no matter how many times they tell me it's ok I freak anyway!!! If it's driving you crazy (as it would me) I would get it checked out. Smile

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Yeah, I'm with the other ladies. If you just have to call, then call! The peace of mind is worth the time on hold. Smile

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I would get checked out just to ease your mind. Hugs! Smile