Strategy for Conceiving

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Strategy for Conceiving

I'm hoping you ladies can help me out here, mostly because I am a bit lost/clueless.

Both DSs came within the first cycle of ttc, this one seems different. I finally got AF back after 17 month, now I am still on my first cycle. I have no idea if or when I O'd. I have never had a regular cycle, and haven't even had AF in 4 years before I had this one. So I'm wondering how we can time things so that we actually get pregnant? I am using fertility friend, but since I don't really know my cycle it's kind of hard. Also, sex every day is getting VERY VERY tiring! For both me and DH!

I'm still breastfeeding, so I don't know that temping would work. I also don't know much about OPKs as I've never had to use them. Any ladies who have been in my situation and have some advice?

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I havent been in your predictament, but I have long and strange cycles due to miscarriages. What I do is something called SMEP you can google it. You bd every other day. If you dont have fertility signs or use OPKs you would do it to the end of your cycle. But I normally get the internet cheapies you can get a lot for a little off amazon or ebay and I would start doing them every day until you get a positive to just give you a base line. I normally test all day, I have issuses or if Im running low I test in the evening and in the AM. I normally always temp and watch other signs because a positive Opk do not mean an O. so I HTH. and GL

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Even with nursing temping can still be used, especially if babe sleeps through the night. I would also get some OPK's. I never temped or did anything when I conceived my first 2 just lots of BDing all month. This time I temped, while nursing, and still got accurate readings, and I also used OPK's. Get them from amazon though because if you get them at the store you will spend a fortune. They have a cheap BBT at walmart that has worked great for me. We BD for 4 days around O time and It worked. Smile I only charted for a month before we conceived and my O dates were very different in those 2 months and I'm very glad I was temping and using OPK's or else I would have missed O by about 4 days.

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Kristin- my recipe for conception is

OPKs (, which I start using twice a day about 5 days after my period is over.

I use special lube,

I make sure to BD as the OPK is getting more positive. I continue that until a couple days after the OPK is negative again.

I temped last cycle but wasn't too good at it so it really didn't show me anything. As you know I am still nursing too and since Lola was almost always sleeping through the night it is still pretty accurate as long as you temp at the SAME time each morning.(that is the part I sucked at)

Check CM to see when you are getting more fertile. Remember watery, eggwhite = fertile.

Hope that helps! Good Luck!

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Thanks ladies for your advice. I will definitely have to look into going the OPK route. I didn't realize they were so cheap to buy, I will have to look into whether Amazon will ship them to Canada though. I'm going to not do anything new this cycle, but if I don't get pregnant this cycle I will definitely be trying the OPKs. I also liked the SMEP method, I will do that too next time.