subchorionic bleed (TMI)

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subchorionic bleed (TMI)

Had a BIG scare......yesterday I came home from work and used the washroom, when I wiped there was bright red blood and the toilet was FULL of blood! I panicked and thought the worst while rushing to the hospital, because I am not 20 weeks yet I had to go through emergency instead of labour and delivery which took FOREVER! I had my blood work done and the dr said it looked okay and to come back in the morning for a ultrasound. It was the longest night of my life,I bled very heavy all night, although I could feel them moving but couldn't stop thinking about "what if". I had my ultrasound this morning and got the results of a subchorionic bled that had gotten smaller since my last ultrasound (although I didn't know about it?!) The girls are growing right on time and both have strong heartbeats!! Smile The dr told me that most women are fine and their body will either absorb the blood or bleed it out and as long as it doen't get bigger everything should be fine. I have stopped bleeding this afternoon Smile but my stomach is still a bit sore! Sad . I never had any problems with bleeding during any of my other pregnancy's so this is all so new and scary to me! I pray my girls keep growing good and are born healthy and strong!

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That is scary! I hope for all the best!

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That is so scary! Are you going to have another u/s to check it soon? I'm glad everything is ok in there. But still so scary!

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That is so scary! I'm so glad everything with your twins checked out and that the bleeding did finally stop. I hope it doesn't happen again and you can go on with a healthy and stress free pregnancy!

How're you doing today?

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:lurk: I had one with my dd and it did clear up but I remember scary it was. I think that it is fairly common to be honest, so try not to worry too much. Just do not go googling all about it. Google is full of the horror stories, not the typical-normal-what usually happens stories Wink

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That's really scary! I had a subchorionic bleed at 17 weeks with DD and the ER misdiagnosed me with placenta previa and gave my baby a 50% chance of survival. My doc later informed me what it was but by then I'd been on bedrest for over 2 weeks.

I'm glad that your girls are doing well and that the bleeding has stopped. Hopefully, the remainder of your pregnancy is more uneventful.

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Thanks everyone! Today I have had some bleeding but nothing like the other day, usually after I get up from a laying down position!?! I go back to my obgyn tomorrow. so I will ask him a ton of questions and hopefully feel a little more at ease! The ER Dr. told me that only 1-3% of bleeds have a negative outcome, most clear up on their own! So here's hoping!!! I will keep everyone posted!

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How scary! Glad to know things are on the mend. Smile

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I have found that they don't tell you alot of things. Whether they think they are preventing you from stress or worry is yet to be determined, but they absolutely shouldn't leave you hanging in between appointments. That mental stress can rip you apart. Wishing you the best.

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Oh My. That would be scary! best to you. I hope you get your questions answered and everything works out for you!

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How terrifying! Glad to hear things are better now. Rest up!