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My poor wedding and engagement rings are officially no longer fitting me anymore. They have been removed and placed in the pregnancy waiting box. Once the baby arrives they will be right back on. I just can't believe I had to take them off this early!

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I remember that happening with both my other pregnancies too. Hasn't happened yet with this one, but I had my rings sized up after my last pregnancy so maybe I'll be able to wear them a little longer this time. I'm sure this heat isn't helping your swelling either.

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I think mine will be coming off soon too. But I do have a replacement ring (on my right ring finger) that can act as a substitute. With my last pregnancy I didn't have to take them off until about 6 months along.


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Oh wow! I remember not wearing my wedding rings, but I don't think I had to take them off till the 3rd trimester last time. I wore them on a necklace around my neck till after delivery. I feet swelled up BIG TIME with my second pregnancy too. I still have pictures of it...ewwwww!

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I started swelling early and big time with my DD. I never developed high blood pressure, but the edema was horrible!! I really hope that doesn't happen this time!