Taking the Plunge

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Taking the Plunge

I have been lurking on the new BB for awhile and decided to finally take the plunge and join in! I need a place to obsess! LOL

My name is Shauna and I have an almost 4y/o named Kostas. DH has been asking to have another baby for like 2 years now and I have been putting him off because I wanted to lose some weight first. Well... I'm still working on that part but we have reached the upper end of the age gap I was planning on (4ish years apart) so we are going ahead and TTC.

AF just showed up yesterday and I was so bummed! I would have had a March 3rd due date. But thankfully I have a second shot at March!

I look forward to getting to know you all and obsessing with you Biggrin

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Welcome! I'm on my 2nd shot at March as well. Good luck!

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Good luck at your second chance with March!!

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Good luck! Your little guy is pretty close in age to my oldest. I hope March is your month!

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So glad to see you here, Shauna!! Smile

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Good Luck hun! Your son and my youngest are only 2 months apart. Smile

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Good luck!! Fingers crossed for you! Biggrin