Tiny Flutters

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Tiny Flutters

I know this is really early on, but with subsequent pregnancies you can feel the baby move sooner than with the first. I'm just 11 weeks now but I swear last night at work I felt tiny flutters right above my pubic line and a couple slightly to the right. I know it has to be the baby and it's so exciting to feel! I remember this same feeling from before. Anyone else feeling tiny flutters yet?

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I cannot wait until I can feel flutters. It is one of my favorite parts of being pregnant!

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No flutters ... I don't think. There was this one time that I was suspecting it ... but I'm only 9 weeks, so I'm sure that wasn't it! Can't wait for that to come ... Last time it was at about 22 weeks that I noticed and recognized them. I'm hoping for 16 or so this time~

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Nope, nothing here yet.

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I dont think I've felt anything yet. But, I'm thinking I should within the next few weeks. With both my babies I think I started feeling flutters around 14 weeks or so. Can't wait!

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i'm 11 weeks, too, and i really thought i was feeling baby flutters while lying in bed last night! but i could have been imagining it...it's so hard to tell at this stage. the only way i know how to describe it is the early flutters always feel like butterfly wings tapping the top of my bladder. Smile i felt those type of flutters really early with my first pregnancy (i think it was around 14 weeks) and DH could feel DS1 from the outside by 17 weeks, so i'm hoping it's the same way this time if not earlier! i do know from the u/s that my placenta is in the back, so that will help with feeling little kicks sooner. i agree with previous posts, that it's one of my favorite parts of pregnancy! especially at the end, when you can practically make out body parts as they move by under your skin!

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I was feeling some flutters over the weekend but I thought it was probably gas or something. Wink Maybe not!

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I felt mine at week 12 Smile 3rd pregnancy so I heard you do feel them earlier.

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Yep I have been feeling some flutters too since about 10 1/2 - 11 weeks. Smile

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I feel some on occasion. Especially at night when I am lying in bed and getting ready to fall asleep!

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Yes, I've been feeling them since last week! Now i can really tell they are baby. This is earlier than my other pregnancies. With #1 I didnt feel him till 19 weeks. With #2 I was 14 weeks. And now #3 at 12 weeks.

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So I totally feel them but my doctor told me yesterday it was only gas that I'm feeling:( I'm choosing not to believe him!! ROFL