trying to decide whether to call my MW...

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trying to decide whether to call my MW...

today i've been having some dark brownish-red spotting. it was a pretty significant amount when i first got out of bed this morning (i think it had been collecting during the night and came out when i stood up). it soaked through my undies and kinda freaked me out, but since then it's just been spotting, and it's still brownish, not bright red blood. i can feel discomfort and pressure in my cervix, but i've been having that off and on for months. baby is still moving around great. i have no other symptoms. so i really don't think it's a sign of preterm labor or that there's anything seriously wrong (like a placenta tear or something). maybe my cervix is just irritated or softening? gosh, i really hope this baby doesn't come early. i have a 2-page "before baby" to-do list!!!

i just can't decide if it's worth a phone call to my MW's office. i'm afraid they'll make me come in to get checked or have an u/s neither of which i think is really necessary and will just add to our out-of-pocket expenses. but of course i want to be safe and not ignore something that might be a problem...ugh.

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I go twice weekly for NSTs and they always tell me to go in if I'm having period-like bleeding. Since you're just spotting now, I would think you're ok to just wait it out. But, honestly, if it were me I would probably call. I worry too much and would drive myself crazy.

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I think that you would know if you needed to call. Maybe give it some time and if there are any other symptoms call them. Please KUP if anything else happens!

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well...the spotting continues and in the last few hours i've lost two small chunks of my mucus plug (that i know of). i don't know what to think! i'm still not worried that anything is wrong and i haven't had even a hint of a contraction, but things are definitely happening down there. with my first pregnancy, i lost the whole mucus plug at once when i was 39 weeks and active labor started 12 hrs later. but i've heard you can lose the mucus plug in bits and pieces and still be pregnant for weeks, so that is what i'm hoping and praying for this time!!! i'm thinking my body is just gearing up early but it will still be a while...hopefully at least 2 more weeks!

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Thinking of you and hope baby decides to bake for a few more weeks! Keep us posted!!

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How are you today, Amanda? Anything else happen overnight and today?

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thanks, ladies! spotting has stopped completely and other than feeling a little crampy, i feel totally normal! i'm thinking she'll be in there for a while longer, which is great!

she just turned from transverse to head-down on monday or tuesday, so my theory is that the pressure of her head on my cervix caused it to start softening a little bit, but labor could still be weeks away. but i do have a new motivation to work on my to-do list! i sterilized bottles/nipples/pacifiers/breast pump parts last night and today i'm washing all her little clothes/blankies/burp cloths. Smile

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Maybe you just started dilating a bit and some of the mucus plug fell out? I don't think it's worth a trip to the doctor's. Next week you'll be full term so then if something happens, it might just be labor!!

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*lurker* glad the spotting has stopped. Drk is usually old so that's good. I bet your theory about new pressure on your cervix is right. Plug can also regenerate so while it can be a sign that labor is near its not for sure. Hope baby bakes a good long while for you Smile

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When is your next dr. Appt? I'd be interested to know what ur dr. says.

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next appointment isn't until feb. 13th! that's when i'm getting my GBS swab and they will check me, and then it's weekly appointments after that. i am confident i'll make it to that appt on the 13th, and i'm glad, cause i really want to get those GBS results before going into labor (hopefully negative so i don't have to be hooked up to any IVs). and i'm also so curious to know if any of this has dilated my cervix. i've been having so many contractions the last few days!