Ugh! (Poss. M/C Ment)

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Ugh! (Poss. M/C Ment)

So I have been down this road before so I am thinking the worst. Some of you remember a week ago I had some brown spotting so I had an U/S. Baby was measuring fine but I had to go on progesterone supp. as my prog. level was a little low. So I hadn't spotted for a week until this morning. I wiped and had some red blood. UGH. Having a follow-up U/S at 5:00 p.m. MST. I would say wish me luck, but since I have BTDT I just say "let's hope for the best." If the heart has stopped beating I want this over with REAL quick! I'll update tonight or tomorrow.

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Sending you positive T&P's and lots of sticky dust.

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Sending major positive good vibes!!!! Sticky thoughts and prayers!

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So many prayers and positive thought headed for your and your tiny babe! Please KUP...

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I am so sorry you are going through this. Spotting is so scary! I'm sending lots of positive sticky vibes your way! :bigarmhug:

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I'm praying for you. I hope everything turns out ok.

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Oh no! I am praying for the best. Having been in your situation before, i know your worry. Hugs!

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***Lurk from TTC***

Having BTDT, I wish the best for you and hope you see that precious heartbeat!!

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I am praying everything works out!

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Thinking of you! If you feel up to it, let us know how everything works out!