Ultrasound Pics

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Ultrasound Pics

I had my second appointment on Tuesday and everything went well until the doctor tried to hear the heartbeat. He said at 10 1/2 weeks that he *should* be able to hear it. He would think he'd hear it but then it would go away. So he sent me in for an emergency viability ultrasound, which scared the crap out of me. I've already had a dating ultrasound and everything was perfect with a heart rate at 170, so the thought that the baby could have died made my heart sink. Thankfully, the baby is fine and everything still looks perfect. The heart rate is now at 164 and he/she was wiggling around a whole bunch, which is probably why the doctor couldn't hear it. Here are pics from my first and second scans. Smile

First: 8w 3d

Second: 10w 3d

You can see the arms and legs now. Such a change in just 2 weeks! Smile

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Oh, and the baby measured in a 33mm, so roughly about as big as my thumb. Smile

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Hooray! Glad everything was OK!!!

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Glad everything is ok. My doc couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler at my appt either. But fortunately, she had done the ultrasound first and we saw the heartbeat so I wasn't freaking out.

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I love the pics!!

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wow what a difference in just 2 weeks, I'm so happy for you!!

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Yay! Glad all went well. My dr. said she doesnt even try the doppler till 12 weeks because she doesnt want to freak anyone out if she cant hear it.

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That is a beautiful picture! Congratulations.


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Great appt! Sorry you had to stress out about the heartbeat, but that's nice that you got another u/s!