Unisom/B6 for Morning Sickness

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Unisom/B6 for Morning Sickness

Has anyone heard of this combination for morning sickness? My doctor actually recommended it to me but I'm leary of taking a sleeping pill while pregnant. However, I have to work as I'm the sole support of the family right now and I know I can't work while feeling this horrible. Does anyone have any other suggestions or if you've heard of this, has it worked for you in the past?

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I have never had any sort of serious morning sickness. Just a wave of nausea every once in a while. I'm sorry that your feeling bad, but I don't think the dr. would recommend something that was truly bad. At least not worse then no sleep and feeling sick all the time.

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It is a common combination in the US. In Canada, they prescribe diclectin which is a very similar combination.

I took diclectin for my 3 pregnancies. It never made me feel good but it did make me functional. You could try just the B6 to see how that goes. I don't know how tired you feel normally in the first trimester so I can't compare.

On the pills, you do feel tired in the day but you do sleep at night which helps. I was still sick every morning and evening but the rest of the time i just felt like crap.

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they can't give me that combination even though they suggested it last time..I worked at night then and now I have to get up with my daughter at any given time so i cannot be drowsy

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I had the most severe "morning" sickness with my last pregnancy. They gave me a prescription for zofran and that did nothing. When I was in the ER getting an IV one time for severe dehydration, they suggested the Unisom/B6 combination. After looking on the internet, I read a lot about it, dosage and to make sure you take the correct Unisom as there are 2 different kinds and one is not good. It worked really good. I was still sick, but I was able to make it through the day. It didn't knock me out (the B6 helps combat the drowsiness) and I think it was only a 1/2 pill of the Unisom, not the whole thing, so that helped.

Having said that, my son was born with a heart defect. It is not serious at this time, nor is it symptomatic at this time, and it has never been linked to ANYTHING I did or took during my pregnancy, but it did happen, and they still don't know why he has a defect. After all that we went through, I knew that when I got pregnant this time, I WOULD NOT take anything for my morning sickness, even if I was miserable.

I don't want to scare anyone from taking any medication if it is needed and if it makes life more bearable, and I wasn't sure if I should even reply to this, but I wanted you to make an informed decision. Again, my situation has not been linked to this medication combination, but it does make me think before I do anything this pregnancy. Talk to your doctor and if you and they are comfortable with this, please use it, it really helped me feel better. Not sure if I am being helpful or not, but I would do anything to prevent others from having to go through what we went through in my sons first year of life.

Good luck and I really hope you feel better soon!!

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I don't get morning sickness but my sister got it BAD! She used this combination too, 1/2 unisom and a B6 and it seemed to help. Like others have recommended Zofran is good too.

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I took it all through my last pregnancy, no problems. I am taking it with this one and it is the ONLY thing that helps. I have to take half a unisom, though--the whole pill leaves me feeling tired the next day. Go for it!

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Someone from my previous bb swore by unisom too. It was the only thing that worked for her and she tried a couple of other prescription anti-nausea drugs.

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Thank you all for your feedback! I went ahead and took some last night after reading some of your replies and doing a little more research. I was feeling so bad that I didn't go to work. I will say that so far, I'm feeling better today. Not 100% but definitely have the edge taken off. If I didn't have to work I would just suffer through it.

huntergrrl - I'm so sorry to hear about your son. I really hope it's not because of this combination. I read that it was taken off the market in it's original form because of claims of possible heart defects many years ago, even though it was never proven. I hope he is doing better now!

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I took it last pregnancy, every evening before bed from about 6.5 weeks through 9 weeks. It worked very well for me. It did take a couple of days before it fully kicked in, but it was truly miraculous. I had been feeling so nauseous all day before that. With Unisom, I felt like my normal self.

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My doc suggested the same thing - B6 vitamins and a ginger suppliment 3x a day, and then unisom if it got really bad. I usually would take half a unisom at night to help with sleeping, and a teeny tiny sliver in the day if it was horrible. It seemed to work well for me. I'm off the supplements as the nausea is finally subsiding, but sometimes I still take half a unisom at night if I can't get good rest - I'm like you and can't really miss work too much! :goodluck: