Wake up starving in the middle of the night?

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Wake up starving in the middle of the night?

Hi ladies!

I'm about 6weeks 6 days along and I've been finding that if I don't eat a substantial or heavy dinner I wake up starving by about 2 or 3am. When I say "substantial" I mean that a good serving of chicken, salad and vegetables doesn't cut it. Does this happen to anyone else? Just hard to believe my metabolism is already in high gear!!

Last night I got up and made some toast and peanut butter to quell my hunger.

What are you all experiencing?!

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Yup! I've been this way for a week or more. I eat a full dinner AND a snack closer to bedtime and I wake up so hungry sometimes but I usually just try to go back to sleep or drink water.

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I kind of go the other way. While I don't get full on nausea (thankfully), I do feel "off" a lot and lose my appetite for the first trimester. I have to force myself to eat enough.

Everyone is affected differently by the hormones. It is all in the spectrum of normal and if you're hungry then I think it is smart to listen to your body. It sounds like you are eating fairly healthily anyway.

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Mine comes is spurts. Most of the time, the thought of any food makes me nauseated but every once in a while something very specific will sound good! Hasn't hit me in the middle of the night yet, but never say never Smile

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I have been trying to snack on something high in protein with a glass of milk right before bed. It helps me. If I don't eat before bed I wake up queasy and not feeling good.

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When my husband left for work this morning at 4 am I got up just to make baked pototoes. And I didn't eat just one of them, I ate 3. But the only meal I can eat and keep down is dinner so for me to want food at night doesn't seem that odd.

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totally normal. when i was pregnant with DS1, i ate toast and peanut butter or yogurt almost every night sometime between 2 and 4 am! DH joked that i should store some peanut butter sandwiches in my nightstand to save me having to get out of bed. Smile the middle of the night hunger hasn't kicked in for me yet this pregnancy (i'm waking up to puke instead :(), but i fully expect it to start sometime in the next few weeks.