We have a name!

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We have a name!

I'm pretty sure we've decided on a name....Madison Faith! I really love it! While I initially was hesitant on naming her Madison because of the popularity of the name, I realized that I really do love it. Yes, it's a popular name, but it just feels like its HER name so I'm going with it! And I think it goes really well with DD's name (Kylie Grace). I feel so accomplished! Lol! This naming business is hard work and I'm really relieved to have it finished!

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Love it! And it doesn't matter that it is popular, she will be YOUR Madison and no one else will be Smile

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beautiful name! i love the middle name, too, and you're right that it sounds really good with Kylie. congrats on making the final decision! oh, how i wish DH and i could find something we agreed on, too. Wink

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Awesome! I like it. The name we like best for a girl is also very popular, which makes me hesitant to use it, but we really love it! I think we will end up using it anyway...

ETA we named our daughter Isabel in 2007, and Isabella is now the #1 most popular girls name! Definitely would not have done that on purpose, but when we named her I had no idea how popular it was. No matter, as Heidi said, she is OUR Isabel! Wink

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Cute! I have tried to avoid the popular names but if there was one I loved I would definitely use it too. Smile

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I love the name! I also feel super accomplished when we finally agree on a name. It's so hard!!!
Jessie, I also have an Isabelle from '07. Yeah, I had no idea either.

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I love the name (Madison is one I've been considering, too!)! And it fits in perfectly with your other two. Smile