We are ticking time bombs!

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We are ticking time bombs!

Who will go first???? I kind of have a feeling that Nateslukemom has already gone since we haven't heard from her and she was a couple weeks ahead of us......

who will be first (or next)......tick tick tick.... lol

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Seriously!!! I am getting increasingly anxious as each day passes! Being a FTM, and having no idea what to expect, I'm becoming more and more nervous about labor/delivery. Hoping I don't panic once labor starts :/

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I'm nervous and panicking about labor too...and this is my THIRD! LOL! I'm being induced on Sunday, so I really am a ticking time bomb...5 days left!

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Really, Noelle?!? OMG, so exciting!!

Add me to the list of those freaking out about labor. And this is my 3rd, too. Being that it's been 8 years since my last one, I feel like this is the first time all over again.

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Oh, I am totally freaking out about labor! It gets worse everytime! (for me anyway) Ready to just get it over with!

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i know it's weird, but i am actually looking forward to labor and delivery! of course, i may change my tune when i am in the thick of it, but things didn't really go the way i wanted with DS1's birth, and i just have good feelings about this birth...that it will be smoother and easier and give me a chance to experience some things that i didn't get last time. i've had quite a few "false starts" where i have consistent contractions for 2-3 hours, and each time i've wondered if i was in labor and felt really happy about it, knowing that each contraction might be bringing me closer to meeting my baby girl. there is nothing like the joy of that moment of seeing your baby for the first time! Smile

noelle, i am so excited for you! you might be our first to go!

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Noelle, so freakin' excited for you. LOTS OF PICS (before and after, of course, you can keep the "during" pics hehe). I know it will go fantastically smooth...just remember to voice exactly what you want and need. I will be praying for you all day Sunday and MOnday. I will also be super jealous that you are meeting your LO (but you have been preggo longer, so I guess you deserve it Wink )

I know I asked this (and it's prob too late), but are we signing up for birth buddies? Or will we just post when we go!?

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I never have done a birth buddy, so I guess I will post when I go and hopefully get dh to bring the laptop into the hospital so I can update you all when she's born. Smile

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I'm with you, Amy, about the nervousness being a FTM! I just realized, too, that I haven't had any discussion with my doctor about what to do if my water breaks or I think I'm in labor. I have to talk to this guy at my next visit!