Weekend Plans...

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Weekend Plans...


Anyone doing anything exciting over the weekend??

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Not 'exciting' but we are getting our house back in order. Last night we slept on our mattress on the floor because all the furniture is disbursed throughout the rest of the house. Carpet cleaners are coming today, painter should be about finished, wax the floors over the weekend, pictures on Sunday, and our house should be on the market before we leave for our trip!!! I think it's a bit optimistic, because I don't think we're going to be ready, but we're going to work really hard to be.

What about you?

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Nope, weekends are generally not too exciting here. My husband works Saturdays and I work Sundays. But my Sunday "work" is providing respite for a foster family, so I take a 15 year old out to do stuff--this weekend we are planning to meet another child and her worker at the park and maybe grilling some hot dogs and stuff

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Jennifer- I hope it all goes well and you had it ready to go.

Pam- a BBQ sounds fun.

As for me... nothing really going on. Today I did homework all day long. Trying to knock a bunch out before vacation starts next Wednesday. Tomorrow, I am determined to get the house somewhat cleaned and start packing for vacation. And Sunday, a coworker is coming up for a visit and other than that I just plan on relaxing.

This is the last weekend away from my DH until he deploys again. :cloud9: And the last weekend that all 3 kiddos are away. After vacation, only the older 2 will go visit family for the rest of the summer and the little guy will stay home with me. I cannot wait to have my little buddy back. Biggrin