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Does anyone care to share how much they've gained? I'm pretty disappointed in myself. I gained 60 lbs. with Kayla (took eating for two literally! LOL) and 40 lbs. with Eric, and I'm already at 40lbs. with this one. Ugh. I don't think it would be so bad if I wasn't having to take it so easy this time around. I've pretty much been sitting on my behind since the end of October. Sad I wonder how much of that is fluid, too. I tend to have excess amniotic fluid. My belly is so heavy!

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I think I've gained almost 18-20 pounds at this point. I'm relieved because last time I gained 40 pounds total. I really don't know what I'm doing differently, but I did have more nausea in this pregnancy. We'll see what the last few weeks bring....

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I'm also disappointed in myself a little ... I just get SOOOO hungry ... ALL the time ... and I don't always make good choices when I'm hungry. I started 10 lbs lighter than I did with Jace, and I think I'll end about 10 lbs heavier ... so that's a whopping (estimated) 50 for me in the end. I'm at about 42 right now.

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Well I had only gained 9 1/2 until my appt. last week. I had gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks! BUT.....it is water weight. I started back to work and my legs started swelling. Sad

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I had gained 28 lbs as of my last appointment two weeks ago, have another appt tomorrow morning and I'll probably be up a few more pounds. Hoping to keep it to 35 or under over the next 4 weeks.

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24 lbs as of this morning, but I'm hoping 10.5 of that is baby. Hoping to keep it under 30, but I highly doubt it as I'm gaining 2 lbs a week at this point!

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i gained 50lbs my first pregnancy. this pregnancy, i was vomiting a lot more at the beginning, so my weight remained the same, and then 2nd trimester i gained like crazy...25 lbs in just a few weeks. but in the last 2 months i've only gained about 8 lbs, so i think i'm at about 33 lbs total weight gain. i'm hoping the slow gain continues, and i'll be right around 35 this time, but 40 is okay with me, too. so much of it is fluid by the end. i lost 25 lbs in the 4 days after DS1's birth! (10 or so from giving birth to baby and placenta, and the rest from peeing off all that excess fluid!) don't beat yourself up about weight gain! just focus on the amazing thing your body is doing growing a new life! Smile

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38Lbs total for me. I started at 112 and lost 6Lbs the first trimester Sad THen gained most of it the 2nd trimester. After I hit the 25lb mark, my dr said that if I could hit 40 she would be happy (I was about 10lbs under the weight I was trying to get at before I got pregnant). This last trimester I haven't gained too much (in fact between my last two appointments I had only gained 0.4 lb).
I have stopped getting on the scale at home though. I save that for the Dr's office. LOL. I'm not too worried about it. I've been healthy, eating well, exercising etc so I figure it was weight needed to make for a healthy pregnancy Smile

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Well, my GD diet has definitely worked in my favor with this pregnancy. With my other two I gained 40 lbs. With this one, I had already gained 17lbs by about 25 or 26 weeks...definitely was well on my way to another 40 lb weight gain. But then when I was diagnosed with the GD and forced to eat better I actually started losing weight. I've lost 9 lbs so far, which puts me at a total weight gain of 8 lbs. i havent gained any weight since i changed my diet. So, while I was devastated with the GD diagnosis at first, I am so grateful for it now because I've learned to eat so much better. I'm really hoping to shed some weight after baby is here. I was probably 50 lbs overweight when I got pregnant, so I've got a long haul ahead of me!

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I'm up 8. I started at 170, dropped to 158, and am not back up to 178.

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I've gained 35 lbs so far. Most of it was in the 2nd trimester, since hitting the 3rd I really haven't put much on.