What is this?

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What is this?

For the last few days I've been having some strange pains that I've never had with my other two pregnancies. It usually happens when I'm walking. I'll get what I THINK is a Braxton hicks contraction (my belly starts to get tight at the top and then slowly my whole belly gets really tight) but it ends with a sharp cramping pain that radiates into my inner thighs. I literally have to stop walking when it happens because it almost makes my legs feel like they're going to give out. Is this normal? I know, I know....it's my third baby and you'd think I would know the answer to this! LOL! But, I was induced with both of my other pregnancies because my body just does not go into labor on its own. I really don't even know what contractions feel like because I've always been ale to get my epidural pretty much as soon as I got to the hospital for my inductions. So, any ideas? Do you thnk it's actually a contraction or just Braxton hicks? I have my first "check" on Wednesday, so I guess I'll find out then if what I'm feeling is actually doing anything.

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well, i'm not too good at interpreting these things, either, even though this is my 2nd pregnancy. but i will say that when i have contractions they always radiate into my thighs. so what you're describing sounds like contractions to me! but if they only happen when you're up on your feet and go away when you lie down, i guess they could still be considered BH? just more intense ones? as the baby gets bigger and puts pressure on the cervix, i think it's normal to have "cervical" pain and pain radiating down into the thighs with contractions, even "practice" contractions. that's my guess!

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I have never had contractions, but I do get that pain when walking sometimes. Mine is like a super sharp kind of stabbing pain, when I originally asked my dr, he said it was the muscles stretching and the baby putting pressure on them. They are super painful, but happily they don't last long.

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This happens to me and it's debilitating, minus the contraction though. From what I can gather baby is sitting low and sitting on some nerves. It is painful and stops me in my tracks! I never had this problem with any of my other pregnancies either.

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sounds like ur describing exactly how i`m feeling as well to a T... so guess its pretty normal.. i never had this with my first 2 either.. i figured it was due to having kids b4 and possibly cos Im 37 n not a spring chicken anymore lol it really is a pain in the rump tryin to go shopping like that as well very tireing... hehe i could of fell asleep yesterday on on one of their beanbag displays they had setup in the isle at babies r us haha trouble there would be once i went down i probably wouldnt be able to get back up just maybe flail my arms about a bit rotfl Biggrin