What do you think??

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What do you think??

Look I even inverted it for you........

Yeah....that's what I thought too, Big Fat NOTHING!! Blum 3

Gotcha squinting though, didn't I??!! LOL

Sorry, just trying to humor myself. I was hoping to be PG........

AF isn't around just yet and I'm only 11-12ish DPO, but I know I can get and have gotten BFP's as early as 8-9 DPO in the past. So I'm gonna call it as I see it, and say that I'm not pregnant Sad Unless I O'd super super late.....I don't think I'll be sticking around.

I hope everyone else gets there BFP's though!! I'm rootin for ya!!

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I did squint and go back and forth before reading on! Sorry it came up negative Sad Good luck to you going forward!

I have to admit...I took a test this morning, even though I'm only 6DPO...I still had my hopes but nothing. Guess I'll just have to wait until Sunday.

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Bummer! Good luck next time!!

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When is AF due?

I always say it isn't over til she shows. BIG HUGS though. I hate BFNs.