What is going on? Is this early labour?

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What is going on? Is this early labour?

So for the last week I have been having contractions on and off. Some that stop me in my tracks (very intense pressure) others where my belly is only going rock hard. Since yesterday I have had cramping like my period is coming. Today I have had contractions on and off all day. I listened to my hypnobirthing cd, and now I have had 6 in the last hour (about 9 min 21 sec apart on average) I feel a pressure down there, and tightening in my belly, but absolutely no pain. In fact some times i don't realize it's happening until I touch ( or my hubby touches) my belly. Is this what is called early labour?

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Hmmm, I wouldn't say it's early labor unless you feel crampiness, but I could be wrong. Do you have anything showing on the TP when you use the bathroom? It sounds to me like you're just having stronger and more regular BH contractions, which is prepping your uterus for the big day. When you feel them, try shifting positions and see if they stop or not, and drink water because dehydration can cause BH contractions, too. True contractions will keep going (or at least that's what I'm told and that's what I've experienced myself). Let us know what happens!!

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it's hard to say...definitely sounds like your body is gearing up, but it could still be several days. with DS1, i had contractions that would settle into an every 7 min. pattern every evening for about 2 hrs and then die out. this went on for a week, and then one evening they started as usual and just never stopped. went from every 7 to every 5 to every 3 over the course of the night and got increasingly intense to the point that i couldn't talk during them. they also went from being 60 seconds long to a full 90 seconds long. that's when we knew it was the real deal. so, i would just keep paying attention to them and see if they continue to get longer and stronger and closer together!

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I'm in the same boat. Although I've been having BH contractions for the past few months, over the past week mine have become a lot more frequent and more intense (though not painful and not regular). I've also had period-like cramping on and off along with mild nausea. Hoping the end is in the not too distant future!

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Sounds like your body getting ready for the big thing sometime! Smile