What are you drinking?

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What are you drinking?

I have never had this with my other two pregnancies but water has this really strong metallic taste to me. I have started talking seltzer water and mixing it with different juices we have around the house (cherry, cranberry) and it is tasting sooo good. Plus I think the seltzer water is helping to calm my stomach. Anyone else drinking anything really good that they want to share?

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Ice cold water. And it has to be cold, cold, cold! Also, hot tea or ice cold lemonade. (talk about the 2 extremes!!). I had some hot lemon tea yesterday and it made my tummy feel a little better. I am usually a coffee drinker, but the thought of it or smell of it make me gag right now. Pop has not sounded good either.

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I'm boring....I've just been drinking lots of water and orange juice.

I miss caffeine sooo much! lol

Heidi, that's so funny....my water has to be room temp or else I can't drink it! lol

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i've also been repulsed by the thought of coffee, and it used to be my favorite part of getting up in the morning! i've had the metallic taste, thing, too, so citrus stuff tastes better, but it can't be too strong or sugary or i vomit (like regular OJ or lemonade is not appealing). i bought some of the orange and lemon pellegrino they sell at costco, and that's been really refreshing. it has a fair amount of sugar (even though it doesn't taste that sweet), so i limit myself to one a day and otherwise just force myself to drink water. making it super cold with lots of ice does help. seltzer water is a good idea! i think it would be yummy with fresh lime in it.

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My "special" drink is sparkling water with a tiny bit of cranberry juice...so good!

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Water, water, water, water...lol. My dr. insists that pregnant women drink a lot of it, so thats what im trying to do.

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I've been drinking lots of water and lemonade. I'm loving the cold stuff too

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My nausea (thank goodness I haven't been puking) has been lasting all day everyday for the past week and a half. I try to drink water, but Ginger Ale or Lemonade are the best right now to calm my stomach.