What was(is) your "MUST HAVE" item during Pregnancy?

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What was(is) your "MUST HAVE" item during Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, what item(s) did you (or do you!) find absolutely indispensable!? Was there something you simply couldn't live without (or at least preferred not to?) Have you found something that made your pregnancy woes more bearable? Found a product that helps you feel more connected to your baby?

Share your personal faves and perhaps you'll be included in our upcoming article! When it comes to what pregnant moms need (or want) -- YOU are the expert!

~Missy (missyj@pregnancy.org)

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Without a doubt my all time must have is cloth diaper prefolds. I put them in my bra at night when nursing, because they are long and cover better than breast pads. You can use them for burp cloths, changing pad, at the bottom of a carseat for blowouts. I use them for all kinds of needs around the house,dusting.The rice sock they give you in the hospital, that is the best. First use for after pains, warming the baby's sheets before bed, when you have a cloged milk duct just heat sock for a minute and wrap around breast. Perfect on lower back pain, PMS pain, warmed up and put under feet while reading on a winter night. I have more but I have pregnancy brain right now.