What's a girl to do?

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What's a girl to do?

With 5 brothers!! Smile It's a boy!! He is perfect and we are absolutely thrilled!!! Now to really nail down a name...

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Congratulations on your baby boy!! Your daughter will be one protected girl!

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AHH!!! Smile How exciting!! She is going to be well protected and spoiled! But just think 5 daughter in laws!! Congrats!!!

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LOL-- Heidi! How fun! She'll love being the only princess.

I think I'll be in your shoes in a months-- except the opposite. What's a boy to do with 4 sisters? Wink

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Congratulations Heidi! So excited for you!

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Congrats!!!! Go Boys!!

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That's fun!! Your house has a queen and a princess! Congratulations!!

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WOW!! I'd say she's a pretty lucky girl! Congratulations!!

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Well you will have to try again because I love the name Emerson. Wink Congrats on a healthy baby boy!

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lurker from large family board*** Congrats!!!

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YAHOOOOOO! More boys! Congrats!