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Now that I'm wrapping my head around being preggo again I had to tell one person IRL besides DH. My SIL (my best friend) just happened to call me yesterday so I told her the news. She was very shocked and excited. Then she told me she found out she was pregnant the same day I did!! On top of that our cycles were exactly the same so we are due the exact same time! Now I'm really excited. Our daughters are exactly two months apart and now we are going to have babies really close together!!

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That is so awesome! I would love to be pg with a friend, but it's definitely not in the cards for me. When I was pg with DD#1 there were 3 other teachers that were all pg as well! Also we all had girls which was kind of cool.

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That's so neat!! I have a couple of friends pregnant now, due in Oct. and in Jan. Last time two other friends, both named Tammy and I were just 3 months apart which was fun too. We haven't told anyone, so SHHHH, don't say anything! I hope to tell a couple of people if we get a heartbeat, but won't tell parents til next month. The closer to the end of the first trimester I feel better on sharing.

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How cool!! Congrats!! Biggrin

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How fun!!! Congrats Smile

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That's so exciting! Congratulations:D