Why is my......

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Why is my......

chart looking soooo good and I keep getting Bfn's???? Its almost the same as the chart of when I conceived my ds. Ughhhhhh

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It takes some people a little longer to get a positive on a home test. Some even up to 16 DPO.

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I can sympathize with you, hun! I keep comparing my charts with my last 2 pregnancies and they are pretty similar. I did not get a BFP with them until 13dpo and 16 dpo though. I tested today (11dpo) and it was a BFN. I KNOW I need to wait, but I am frustrated when everything looks so textbook for me! LOL. I wish you the best of luck...and a HUMONGOUS BFP!!!

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Good luck!!! Keep POAS until you get that BFP!!